Exodus Travel: Discover the World with Adventure

Are you tired of the typical holiday clichΓ©s? Want something different but don’t know where to start? Look no further than Exodus Travel! Sobat Hitunggaji, let us take you on a journey of discovery with our range of adventure-filled trips.

Travel with Exodus and discover more about yourself and the world around you. With over 40 years of experience, we’ve created a range of itineraries that cater to all adventure levels. From hiking in the Andes to cycling around ancient ruins in Asia, we’ve got you covered.

🌎 Explore the World with Us

Exodus Travel aims to provide a unique travel experience which immerses you in the heart of your destination. With over 600 different itineraries spanning across 100 countries, we ensure that our adventure trips take you off the beaten track and provide you with unforgettable memories.

The Best Guides in the Business

Our local guides make the difference when it comes to creating an exceptional travel experience. Our handpicked team comprises locals who know the area inside out and provide a personal touch that cannot be found anywhere else.

Our Sustainability Commitment

Exodus Travel is committed to making sure our impact on the environment and local communities is minimal. We ensure that all our trips follow the Leave No Trace principles, meaning that we do not leave any rubbish or damage behind. Additionally, we foster meaningful connections with local communities that benefit both the people and the planet long after we’ve departed.

Catering to All Levels of Adventure

Whether you’re a seasoned trekker or just looking for a new adventure, Exodus Travel has a range of trips available for all levels. From hiking up a mountain to taking a stroll around a village, we have something for everyone.

πŸ‘ Strengths of Exodus Travel

The Itinerary

Exodus Travel offers a wide range of itineraries, catering to a variety of travel styles and preferences. With trips being tailored for all fitness levels and interests, there’s no doubt you’ll find a trip to suit your needs.

The Local Guides

The local guides are second to none, possessing a wealth of knowledge and expertise about the area which they know like the back of their hand.

The Customer Service

Our customer support is exceptional, and we make it a priority that our clients feel safe and looked after throughout their travel journey. We’re happy to be available to answer any of our client’s queries and concerns and ensure their satisfaction with our service.

The Sustainability Commitment

We take our responsibilities to protect the environment and respect the cultural heritage of the areas we visit seriously. Hence, we are committed to ensuring the sustainability of all of our trips.

The Unique Travel Experience

Exodus Travel is a one-of-a-kind adventure travel company offering a unique travel experience that no other company can.

The Genuine Connections We Forge

By traveling with us, not only do you get to experience the area, but you also get to form genuine connections with locals and fellow travelers alike, making the experience even more enriching.

The Inclusion of All Costs in the Price

When you travel with us, there are no hidden costs as everything is included. You won’t feel put out having to beach up extra cash as everything is covered in the initial price.

πŸ‘Ž Weaknesses of Exodus Travel

The Price Point

Since everything is included in the initial price we do tend to come off as pricier than most companies.

The Delivery of Some Itineraries

Some of our itineraries can be poorly executed in terms of timing or not as adventurous or exciting as expected, which can lead to disappointment.

The Group Sizes

Group sizes can sometimes be a little larger than other adventure travel companies. It’s great for meeting new people, although it also means less personal attention from guides.

The Accommodation Quality

Accommodation can be a little basic in some instances, so if your trip is focused on luxurious accommodation, then Exodus Travel may not be the right choice for you.

The Food Quality

There are times when the culinary experiences could be subpar, depending on the itinerary and location.

The Quality of Some Trip Leaders

Not all trip leaders are as knowledgeable or friendly as we would like. Exodus Travel has a high amount of turnover, so this can affect how well some trips are run.

The Length of Some Trips

Our trips can sometimes be rather long and intensive, which may not suit all travelers preferences when it comes to adventure travel.

πŸ“Š Information about Exodus Travel

Founded 1974
Headquarters London, United Kingdom
Itineraries Offered Adventure Travel, Small-Group Tours
Trip Lengths 1 day – 5 weeks
Pricing $$ – $$$
Group Size 8 – 16 people
Customer Reviews 4.6/5
Website https://www.exodus.co.uk/

❓ Frequently Asked Questions About Exodus Travel

Q: Are the trips safe?

A: Absolutely. The safety and security of our travelers is our top priority, and we take numerous measures to ensure that you are safe and secure throughout your travels with us.

Q: How many people are typically in each group?

A: Our group sizes can range from eight to sixteen people, depending on the trip. This allows us to keep our groups small and intimate, enabling us to provide a personalized experience for every traveler.

Q: Do I have to be physically fit to go on one of your trips?

A: While many of our trips do involve physical activity, we do have trips that cater to a range of fitness levels and abilities. You can speak with one of our travel specialists to find out which trips are best suited to your abilities and preferences.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: Our cancellation policy varies depending on the trip, and if you have any concerns or queries regarding our cancellation policy, you can speak with one of our travel specialists.

Q: How does Exodus Travel support local communities?

A: We work closely with local communities to ensure that our travelers have a meaningful and authentic cultural experience. We support local businesses, promote sustainable tourism, and minimize our impact on the environment.

Q: What type of accommodation is provided on your trips?

A: We provide a variety of accommodation options, including camping, hotels, guesthouses, and homestays. The type of accommodation depends on the trip, and you can find more information on our website or by speaking with one of our travel specialists.

Q: Can I travel alone?

A: Yes, you can travel alone, and many of our travelers do. We offer a variety of solo-friendly trips, and you can speak with one of our travel specialists to find the best option for you.

Q: What is your age limit for travelers?

A: We don’t have a strict age limit, but we do expect that travelers are fit enough to participate in the trips that they have booked. You can speak with one of our travel specialists to find out which trip is best suited to you.

Q: What is the best time of year to travel with Exodus?

A: It depends on the destination and the activities that you are interested in. We offer trips throughout the year, and you can check our website or speak with one of our travel specialists to find out the best time of year to travel to your desired destination.

Q: Do you provide travel insurance?

A: We strongly recommend that all travelers have travel insurance, and you can purchase travel insurance through our website or speak with one of our travel specialists for more information.

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: Our refund policy varies depending on the trip, and if you have any concerns or queries regarding our refund policy, you can speak with one of our travel specialists.

Q: What type of adventure activities do you offer?

A: We offer a wide range of adventure activities, including hiking, cycling, kayaking, wildlife safaris, and more. You can check our website or speak with one of our travel specialists to find out which activities are available on your desired trip.

Q: Can I customize a trip for my group?

A: Yes, we offer customized trips for groups, and you can speak with one of our travel specialists to find out more information.

πŸš€ Take Action and Book Your Dream Adventure

What are you waiting for, Sobat Hitunggaji? Take the leap and book your dream trip with Exodus Travel today! Whether it’s trekking through the Himalayas or cycling around the Mekong Delta, we’ve got an adventure waiting for you.

Travel with us and immerse yourself in the essence of culture and adventure. Book today to experience a world beyond your imagination!

πŸ“ A Note From Us

Thank you for reading our article and considering traveling with Exodus Travel. Please note that while we take pride in offering exceptional travel experiences, we understand that personal preferences come into play when it comes to choosing your travel company.

We encourage you to do your research and find the company that best suits your travel style and needs. Should you choose to travel with us, we are confident that we’ll exceed your expectations and provide you with an adventure-filled experience that will last a lifetime.

Exodus Travel
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