NuWest Travel Nursing: Empowering Nurses with Opportunities and Flexibility

NuWest Travel Nursing

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Are you a nurse looking for new opportunities to broaden your experience and help you achieve your personal and professional goals? Look no further than NuWest Travel Nursing.

Founded in 2009, NuWest has established itself as a leading provider of travel nursing jobs for RNs, LPNs, and other healthcare professionals across the United States. With NuWest, nurses have access to an extensive network of medical facilities, including some of the country’s top-rated hospitals and healthcare organizations.

But why choose NuWest? In this article, we will explore the strengths and weaknesses of NuWest Travel Nursing and why it is considered a top choice for healthcare professionals seeking a fulfilling and flexible career path.

The Strengths of NuWest Travel Nursing

1. Endless Opportunities for Professional Development

One of the most significant strengths of NuWest is its vast network of hospitals and medical facilities. With NuWest, nurses can travel across the country to work in highly-rated hospitals and medical centers, earning competitive salaries and gaining valuable experience.

Moreover, NuWest offers opportunities for nurses to work with different specialties. Whether you are interested in working in neonatal intensive care or emergency response, NuWest provides plenty of opportunities to expand your expertise and skills.

2. Flexibility in Work Schedules

One of the perks of travel nursing is the flexibility in work schedules. With NuWest, nurses can choose the shifts and schedules that work best for them. This enables RNs and LPNs to maintain a stable work-life balance and take control of their careers without sacrificing their personal aspirations.

NuWest also provides free housing, travel arrangements, and other benefits, making it easier for nurses to focus on their work without worrying about the logistics of travel.

3. Competitive Compensation and Benefits

NuWest Travel Nursing ensures that its nurses receive highly competitive compensation packages that include medical benefits, dental insurance, life insurance, and 401k plans. Additionally, travel nursing jobs may pay higher salaries compared to traditional nursing jobs because of the increased demand for temporary nursing staff in different parts of the country.

But above all, NuWest values its nurses. They ensure that their healthcare professionals receive the recognition and support they deserve through constant communication, feedback, and appreciation events, making them feel like they are a part of a community.

4. Friendly and Supportive Work Culture

NuWest is proud of its supportive and welcoming work culture that enables their healthcare professionals to thrive both professionally and personally. They make sure that their RLAs are available 24/7 for whenever nurses need support, advice, or assistance while on the job. They make every effort to connect nurses with others by arranging social events, offering online support groups, and providing orientation sessions before the start of a new assignment.

5. Positive Effects on Personal and Professional Growth

Travel nursing with NuWest provides a great opportunity for self-improvement, discovery, and growth. It allows nurses to step outside their comfort zones and face new challenges head-on. Through patient interactions, travel, and exposure to different healthcare systems, nurses gain more confidence in their skills, become more adaptable, and develop enhanced problem-solving skills.

Moreover, travel nursing provides the opportunity to meet new people and make lasting professional relationships. This can create new networking opportunities and eventually lead to better career prospects.

6. Expert Management Support and Training

NuWest’s management team has years of experience in the healthcare industry and is well prepared to handle any and all issues related to RN and LPN travel jobs. Their streamlined onboarding process ensures that RNs and LPNs have all the necessary training and professional guidance they need to start their new assignments with ease. NuWest managers ensure that travel nurses are in compliance with state-specific regulations and relevant healthcare protocols.

7. Dedicated to Providing Quality Patient Care

NuWest is a nursing agency that prioritizes the quality of patient care over anything else. The healthcare professionals they hire are all qualified, licensed, and vetted for their medical expertise. This ensures that patients receive only the best care from professional and ethical healthcare personnel. Additionally, the travel nursing assignments that NuWest provides often include emergency care, critical care, and other demanding medical specialties that require nurses with advanced skill sets.

The Weaknesses of NuWest Travel Nursing

1. Limited Availability of Jobs in Some Regions

Though NuWest has a broad network of hospitals and medical centers, there may be limitations on the availability of travel nursing jobs in certain regions.

2. Possibility of Receiving Less-Favorable Shifts

As with any nursing job, nurses may sometimes be required to work less favorable shifts, such as night shifts or weekends. While NuWest makes every effort to accommodate the preferred schedule of their nurses, the final decision rests with the healthcare facility in question.

3. Temporary Nature of Travel Nursing Assignments

Travel nursing assignments are often temporary, meaning that nurses must adapt to new locations, coworkers, and healthcare systems repeatedly. Some healthcare professionals may find it challenging to adjust to these changing circumstances, while others thrive on the new challenges and experiences.

4. Compliance with State-Specific Protocols

Each state has specific protocols that nurses must follow, such as licensing exams and regulations. Nurses who travel across state lines for work must comply with the rules and regulations of each state they work in, which can be time-consuming and require extra effort on their part.

5. The Need for Adaptability

Travel nursing requires a high degree of adaptability and versatility. Nurses must be able to adjust to unfamiliar healthcare systems, work policies, equipment, and patient populations. This may be challenging for some healthcare professionals who prefer to work in familiar settings.

6. Relocation and Personal Life

Relocating frequently for travel nursing jobs may be challenging for nurses with families or significant others. It may also be a significant expense for those who do not receive relocation assistance or have to pay for their transportation and housing.

7. Lack of Job Security

Travel nursing assignments are temporary, meaning that there is no guarantee of future employment opportunities. Though NurseWest does its best to provide continuous work for its healthcare professionals, there may be times when RNs or LPNs experience gaps between assignments.

The Complete Information About NuWest Travel Nursing

Name NuWest Travel Nursing
Location 1360 E. 17th Street, Suite F-232 Santa Ana, CA 92705
Phone (949) 370-5555
Services Travel nursing jobs
Specialties ICU, ER, NICU, PACU, OR, Tele, SICU, L&D, M/S, Telemetry and many others
Founded 2009

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is travel nursing?

Travel nursing is a short-term nursing job that involves relocating to different locations across the country to work in different healthcare facilities.

2. Who can become a travel nurse?

Registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), and other healthcare professionals with relevant experience can become travel nurses.

3. What are the benefits of travel nursing?

Travel nursing offers a variety of benefits, including higher pay rates, flexibility in work schedules, opportunities for professional development, and exposure to new healthcare systems and patient types.

4. How do I choose the right travel nursing agency?

When choosing a travel nursing agency, consider factors such as the agency’s reputation, the types of benefits they offer, the range of available assignments, the flexibility they offer, their rates of pay, and their level of support for their healthcare professionals.

5. What are the requirements to become a travel nurse?

To become a travel nurse, you must have a degree in nursing, be licensed to practice in your state of residence, and have relevant experience in your nursing specialty.

6. Do travel nurses receive healthcare benefits?

Yes, travel nurses are typically offered healthcare benefits, dental insurance, life insurance, and 401k plans, among other benefits.

7. How long are travel nursing assignments?

Travel nursing assignments typically last between 8 and 26 weeks, depending on the healthcare facility and the location.

8. What kind of financial compensation do travel nurses receive?

Travel nurses can receive higher salaries than traditional nurses due to demand for temporary staffing. The exact pay rate will depend on the travel nursing agency and the location and specialty of the assignment.

9. What kind of housing accommodations are provided for travel nurses?

Most travel nursing agencies provide free housing for their travel nurses. Accommodations may vary depending on the agency and the assignment.

10. How does a travel nurse obtain a nursing license in a new state?

A travel nurse needs to apply for a nursing license in each state they work. The application process and requirements vary by state, and travel nurses can typically find the necessary information on the state nursing board’s website.

11. How often can travel nurses switch assignments?

Travel nurses can switch assignments as frequently as they like, depending on the availability of new assignments and their personal preferences.

12. Can travel nurses bring their families with them on assignments?

Travel nurses can bring their families with them on assignments if they choose to do so. However, it may require more planning and coordination to ensure that their families have the necessary accommodations and support during the assignment.

13. What is the average length of a travel nurse’s career?

The average length of a travel nurse’s career depends on individual circumstances and personal career goals. Some travel nurses choose to make travel nursing a long-term career, while others transition to permanent nursing jobs after several years of travel nursing.


As we have seen, NuWest Travel Nursing is a great option for RNs and LPNs looking for an exciting and flexible career path. Though there may be some challenges associated with travel nursing jobs, the benefits of working with a reputable agency like NuWest outweigh those challenges.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your career and become a travel nurse, visit NuWest today to learn more about the opportunities available to you. And remember, with NuWest, you’re never alone. Their team is committed to supporting you every step of the way to make your travel nursing experience a positive and rewarding one.

Thank you for reading, Sobat Hitunggaji, and we hope you found this article informative and helpful in your career journey.

Closing Words

As a disclaimer, please note that the information provided in this article is for informational and educational purposes only. Sobat Hitunggaji should do their own due diligence and research before making any decisions related to their career or healthcare. The author and publisher of this article do not assume any liability or responsibility for any errors, omissions, or any consequences arising from the use of this information.

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