Tanah Lot: The Iconic Sea Temple of Bali

Tanah Lot need to be one of your top priorities if you’re considering a vacation to Bali, Indonesia. The Balinese people’s sea temple, located on a rock formation in the middle of the ocean, is also a cultural and natural wonder that draws visitors from all over the world. We’ll examine Tanah Lot in more detail in this article, including its significance, history, and other characteristics.

What is Tanah Lot?

Just off the coast of Bali, there is a Hindu temple called Tanah Lot that is perched atop an underwater rock formation. One of the seven sea temples along the Balinese coastline, the temple honors the sea gods. Tanah Lot is renowned for its beautiful sunset views as well as the breathtaking ocean panoramas that surround it.

History of Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot was allegedly constructed in the 16th century by a Hindu priest by the name of Danghyang Nirartha. He is credited with getting the idea to erect a shrine honoring the sea gods while meditating on the rock where the current temple is located. Although the temple has undergone numerous modifications and restorations throughout the years, its basic design and function have not changed.

Significance of Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot is a revered religious landmark as well as a popular tourist destination for the Balinese people. The temple is venerated as a representation of Bali’s spiritual legacy and is thought to guard the island against evil spirits. At the Odalan ritual, an annual religious festival honoring the temple’s anniversary, tens of thousands of Balinese pilgrims travel to Tanah Lot.

What Makes Tanah Lot Unique?

Tanah Lot differs from other temples not just because of its religious and cultural significance but also because of its location. Only during low tide is it possible to access the temple, which is located on a rocky outcrop in the middle of the ocean. The temple appears to be floating on the lake during high tide, providing a bizarre and spectacular picture. Little caverns and inlets surround the rock formation and the temple, contributing to the area’s natural splendor.

Visiting Tanah Lot

When visiting Tanah Lot, it is recommended to go when the sea is low so that you can stroll to the temple and tour the neighborhood. Everyday from 7 am to 7 pm, the temple is open to guests for an IDR 60,000 (about $ 4.2) entrance fee. Around the temple, there are numerous eateries and gift shops where you can get something to eat or some mementos.

Other Things to See and Do Near Tanah Lot

There are other sights and activities nearby, even if Tanah Lot is the area’s major draw. One well-liked location is the Batu Bolong Temple, which is situated on a cliff above the ocean and provides breathtaking views of the setting sun. You can also take a boat cruise to see the temple from a different angle or explore the neighboring rice paddies and traditional Balinese towns.

Best Time to Visit Tanah Lot

The dry season, which lasts from April to September, is the greatest time to visit Tanah Lot. The weather will be the nicest and the ocean and temple will be the clearest at this time. But, keep in mind that this is also the busiest travel period, so plan on more people and more expensive travel. Consider going off-season if you want a more sedate and budget-friendly experience.

Accommodation Near Tanah Lot

From inexpensive guesthouses to opulent resorts, there are several places to stay close to Tanah Lot. The Pan Pacific Nirwana Bali Resort, the Alila Villas Soori, and the W Bali – Seminyak are a few of the most well-known. Booking in advance is a good option because lodging costs tend to be higher close to Tanah Lot.

Cultural Etiquette at Tanah Lot

When visiting Tanah Lot, it’s crucial to act responsibly and dress respectfully as it is a sacred location. When entering the temple, be sure to wear modest attire that covers your shoulders and knees and take your shoes off. Moreover, you ought to refrain from impolitely pointing your foot at the temple or the Balinese people.

The Future of Tanah Lot

Despite its fame and importance, Tanah Lot suffers a number of difficulties, such as erosion and the effects of tourism on its delicate ecosystem. In order to protect the temple and its surroundings, the Balinese government and local communities have implemented conservation initiatives and restricted the number of tourists.


More than just a temple, Tanah Lot is a cultural and environmental marvel that captures the essence of Bali. It is a must-visit attraction for anybody visiting Bali due to its breathtaking setting, extensive history, and religious significance. Tanah Lot is certain to have an impact on you, whether you’re a spiritual seeker, a nature lover, or just looking for a novel experience.


Can you swim at Tanah Lot?

Tanah Lot is encircled by water, however swimming is not permitted there. Together with potentially hazardous coral reefs and sharp rocks, the area surrounding the temple can experience strong currents. Yet, there are swimming-friendly beaches close by such Kedungu Beach and Nyanyi Beach. To ensure a safe and pleasurable experience, it is always vital to verify the local circumstances and heed any warning signs.

Is there an entrance fee to Tanah Lot?

Yes, there is an entrance fee to visit Tanah Lot temple in Bali, Indonesia. The fee may vary depending on the time of day and season, but as of my knowledge cutoff date of September 2021, the entrance fee for adults was around 60,000 Indonesian Rupiah (equivalent to around 4 US dollars). Children may have a discounted fee, and there may be additional fees for parking or to visit certain areas of the temple complex. It’s always a good idea to check the current fees before planning your visit.

What should I wear when visiting Tanah Lot?

It’s crucial to dress respectfully when visiting the Tanah Lot temple in Bali, Indonesia, as it is a revered location. These are some suggestions for acceptable attire:

Cover your knees and shoulders. Avoid donning shorts or skirts that are above the knee, and wear a blouse that covers your shoulders.

Wear loose, not skimpy, attire. Too-tight or exposed clothing may be deemed inappropriate.

Put on some relaxed shoes. Have appropriate walking shoes because Tanah Lot has a lot of steps and uneven terrain.

Carry a shawl or scarf. If your attire is inappropriate, you might need to wrap around your waist or cover your head.

Put on breathable, light-weight clothing. It’s advisable to dress in light, breathable clothing because Bali can get hot and muggy.

You can respect the local culture and religion by wearing appropriately, and you’ll also feel more at ease while you’re there.

Can you visit Tanah Lot during high tide?

Yes, you can still visit Tanah Lot during high tide, but you won’t be able to walk to the temple.

What’s the best time to visit Tanah Lot?

The best time to visit Tanah Lot is during the dry season, which runs from April to September.

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