Ubud Bali Hotels: A Comprehensive Guide to Finding Your Ideal Accommodation

Are you organizing a trip to Bali and searching for the ideal Ubud accommodation? A must-visit location for people seeking a quiet and tranquil atmosphere surrounded by lush foliage and natural beauty is Ubud, recognized as the cultural center of Bali.

Making a pick in Ubud can be difficult due to the abundance of hotels. We’ll help you go through the various choices in this comprehensive guide and locate the ideal Ubud, Bali, hotel for your requirements.

What to Consider When Choosing Your Ubud Bali Hotel

  1. Location is the first factor to take into account while selecting a hotel in Ubud, Bali. Do you prefer a more secluded location in the nearby countryside or the center of the city? Do you prefer a quieter neighborhood or being close to tourist attractions?
  2. Budget: Decide your budget in advance to help you limit your alternatives. Both opulent villas and resorts may be found in Ubud, as well as several inexpensive motels.
  3. Amenities: Take into account the features that are significant to you. Do you want a restaurant, spa, gym, or pool on the property? Do you need a kitchenette, Wi-Fi, or air conditioning in your room?
  4. Reviews: To learn more about the hotel’s reputation and level of service, read reviews left by past visitors.
    Special needs: Before making a reservation, be sure to ask about any specific requirements you may have, such as dietary requirements or accessibility needs.

Types of Accommodations in Ubud Bali

  1. Resorts: There are numerous five-star resorts in Ubud that provide a variety of amenities like spas, exquisite restaurants, and private villas with plunge pools.
  2. Villas: If you want a more secluded and opulent experience, think about renting a villa in Ubud. Many villas have their own pools and provide breathtaking views of the nearby jungle and rice farms.
  3. Hotels: There are several hotels in Ubud to pick from, including budget and mid-range hotels with standard amenities.
  4. Hostels: If you’re on a tight budget, Ubud is home to a number of hostels that provide dormitory-style lodging and common areas for mingling.
  5. Homestays: If you want a more genuine experience, think about staying with a Balinese family. A special chance to learn about Balinese culture and daily life is provided through homestays.

Best Ubud Bali Hotels

  1. The Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan is a five-star hotel with two restaurants, a spa, and breathtaking views of the Ayung River. It is situated in the center of Ubud.
  2. Viceroy Bali: Another opulent choice, Viceroy Bali provides private villas with plunge pools and a full-service spa and is surrounded by a lush tropical rainforest.
  3. Just outside of Ubud, the Komaneka at Bisma offers spacious rooms with private balconies that look out over the rice paddies.
    In the center of Ubud, the boutique hotel Bisma Eight provides up-to-date lodgings together with a restaurant, pool, and rooftop bar.
  4. Tegal Sari: Tegal Sari is a family-run hotel with traditional Balinese buildings and a lovely garden setting for a less expensive option.


Your trip to Bali might be substantially improved by picking the perfect Ubud hotel. You may reduce your selections and find the ideal lodging for your vacation by taking your price, location, facilities, and specific needs into account. Every traveler may find something in Ubud, whether they are looking for high-end accommodations or more affordable alternatives.


What is the best time to visit Ubud Bali?

Your interests and priorities will determine the ideal time of year to visit Ubud, Bali. Bali experiences two distinct seasons: the wet season and the dry season.

The dry season, which spans from April to September, is typically regarded the ideal time to visit Ubud. The weather is warm and dry throughout this time, with lower humidity and less rain. The dry season coincides with the busiest travel period of the year, thus crowd sizes and costs will likely increase.

More frequent rainstorms and higher humidity are characteristics of the rainy season, which lasts from October to March. But the rain normally comes in brief bursts and doesn’t stick around all day. The wet season is less busy, offers lower costs, and has a more relaxed vibe.

The numerous festivals and celebrations held in Bali should be taken into account. The Ubud Food Festival in April, the Bali Spirit Festival in March, and the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival in October are a few of the most well-known festivals in Ubud.

What are some popular attractions in Ubud?

Visitors from all over the world go to Ubud, Bali, where there are numerous well-known attractions. Here are a few examples:

Almost 700 monkeys call the verdant Ubud Monkey Forest, a sacred sanctuary for long-tailed macaques, home. You can feed the monkeys while on a walk around the forest and observe them.

Tegalalang Rice Terraces: For those interested in Bali’s traditional agriculture, this scenic site of terraced rice fields is a must-visit location. You can either go on a guided tour or go on your own stroll among the rice terraces.

The cave entrance to this historic temple complex, known as Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave), is formed like an elephant’s head. Tourists are welcome to explore the cave and the area’s antiquities from the Hindu and Buddhist religions.

Ubud Palace: Once the home of the royal family, this palace is situated in the center of Ubud. Today, tourists can enjoy Balinese dancing performances, gardens, and traditional architecture.

A beautiful option to get away from the hustle and bustle of Ubud and enjoy some fresh air and exercise is to take the Campuhan Ridge Walk, which takes you through rice fields and a verdant jungle.

Are there any eco-friendly hotels in Ubud?

In Ubud, Bali, there are a lot of eco-friendly hotels that are dedicated to sustainability and minimizing their influence on the environment. Here are a few illustrations:

  1. Bambu Indah: This unusual eco-resort offers bamboo treehouses and traditional Javanese teak wood cottages. As part of its commitment to sustainability, Bambu Indah has organic gardens, solar panels, and rainwater collection systems.
  2. Fivelements Retreat Bali: This eco-wellness hotel provides opulent lodging in a tranquil, rural environment. Fivelements is dedicated to sustainability methods, which include recycling and composting garbage in addition to employing organic products in their food.
  3. Alila Ubud: This opulent resort is dedicated to sustainability and has put in place a number of green initiatives, including using solar electricity and cutting trash through recycling and composting.
  4. The eco-friendly Green Field Hotel and Restaurant has organic gardens, a solar-heated pool, and verdant grounds. The Green Field Hotel and Restaurant is dedicated to minimizing its negative effects on the environment.
  5. The Sankara Ubud Resort is dedicated to sustainability and environmentally friendly methods, which include using solar electricity and minimizing trash through recycling and composting. Moreover, Sankara Ubud Resort serves organic food and has an organic garden on the property.

Can I book a homestay online?

Sure, you may reserve a lot of the homestays in Ubud, Bali, online either through the homestay’s website or through a travel booking service. As you’ll be staying in a local family’s home, booking a homestay might be a great opportunity to experience real Balinese hospitality and culture.

To learn more about a homestay before making a reservation online, read reviews and visit the guesthouse’s website or social media accounts. It’s vital to do your homework in advance because some homestays can have less amenities or be situated in more rural locations.

Make sure to be up front with the host when reserving a homestay about your arrival time, any culinary preferences or limitations, and any other unique requirements you may have. Asking the host for suggestions on things to do or sights to see while you’re there is another smart move.

Is it safe to travel to Ubud Bali?

Indeed, Ubud, Bali is widely regarded as a safe destination. To protect your safety, it’s crucial to follow specific guidelines when visiting any place.

When visiting Ubud, Bali, it’s crucial to be aware of how frequent traffic accidents are there. Renting a scooter is a common form of transportation, but it can be risky for beginners. In order to reduce the likelihood of an accident, it is crucial to wear a helmet and drive defensively.

Be mindful of your surroundings and take security measures to prevent theft. Avoid carrying a lot of cash and keep your belongings secure. Avoid leaving your stuff unsecured in public locations and be on the lookout for pickpockets.

Finally, it’s critical to respect Balinese tradition and culture. When visiting temples or other religious sites, dress modestly and be aware of regional customs and decorum. Avoid acting in a reckless or rude manner that can anger locals.

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